Hatchback Full Tint | BUNDLE | 2022+ Honda Civic

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Rear Reflector Tint | 2022+ Honda Civic (Color:)
Amber Delete Tint | 2022+ Honda Civic (Color:)
Reverse/Turn Signal Tint | Hatchback | 2022+ Honda Civic (Color:)

Hatchback Full Tint | BUNDLE | 2022+ Honda Civic

Transform your Civic Hatchback with this Full Tint Bundle for 2022+ models. Our precut tint ensures a perfect fit for your car, with easy installation and stress-free maintenance. Enjoy enhanced look with sleek, subtle tint precuts. Get ready to customize your ride!

Includes: 1x Amber Delete, 1x Reflector Tint, 1x Reverse/Turn Signal Tint.

  • Comes as Full set.

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