Installation Guide

Follow our steps to ease your installation process! 

We want each of our customers to have a successful installation! We put together a guide. Don't worry, this guide is will always be here when you need it! Our vinyl and tint overlays requires wet application. Wet application is done by using soapy water or water with heat gun/hair dryer to stretch and form the vinyl onto your application. 

Important Information:

  • If the vehicle has been waxed or ceramic coated, all of the coating must be completely removed from the installation area before installing the vinyl overlays. Failure to completely remove all wax/oil/grease from the surface will not allow the vinyl to stick correctly.
  • First time users who have never applied wet application vinyl before, we recommend installation to be done by a professional tint/wrap installer.
  • Before starting the installation, Please check item(s) for any damages. Take photos of the damaged product and contact us so that we may help correct the issue for you. If you removed product from backing or throw away the product before contacting, we will not be able to warranty any damage claims.
  • We recommend to install vinyl overlays in mild environment conditions. (60°F - 90°F)

Required/Recommended Tools:

  • Spray Bottle with Soapy water
    (Recommended: 1Drop of DAWN soap to 32oz water)
  • Exacto Knife or Safety Razor Blade (Handle with care)
  • Squeegee or Bank card
  • Microfiber towel or Soft cloth towel
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer (Handle with care)

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface of the install area and surrounding areas to ensure all dirt/debris are removed.
  2. Carefully remove the vinyl from the paper backing and spray your soapy water mix onto the adhesive side of the vinyl. The soapy water will prevent the vinyl’s adhesive from sticking while you are applying to the vehicle’s surface.
  3. Apply the vinyl to the surface and adjust the vinyl till it’s lined up to the best of your abilities. (We recommend adjusting by starting from one corner.) The precut comes slightly oversized to allow for adjustments during installation.
  4. When you are satisfied with the placement, you can start on pushing out the water/air bubbles. Starting from the center, use your fingers or a squeegee/bank card to push the bubbles outward. (We recommend covering your squeegee or card with a microfiber towel to prevent scratching of the vinyl.)
  5. Once you squeegee as many bubbles as possible, if there are remaining bubbles/creases, then carefully lift the closest edge and lightly spray some more soapy water between the vinyl and the vehicle’s surface. VERY gently apply heat using a heat gun/hair dryer to the area to soften the vinyl and squeegee out the remaining bubbles/creases. PLEASE take your time, we don't want you to damage your products. (Example: Heat, squeegee, heat, squeegee, etc.)
  6. In most cases, there will be excess vinyl after your installation. Carefully take your exacto knife/blade and trim any excess vinyl from edges. If you still have a little excess vinyl, heat up the vinyl and wrap it around the edges/corners of the surface.
  7. If your item has transfer paper applied: Once all edges are dry , start in one corner and very slowly peel the transfer paper from the applied vinyl. This is a slow process to ensure you do not pull up any vinyl you had applied.
    If your item does not have the transfer paper applied: You may skip this step.
  8. Leave the vehicle in the sun for 24-48hours to allow the vinyl to cure before washing the vehicle.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding installation, please do contact us.